Monday, February 1, 2010

Glimpses of Morocco

Here's a country that I'm eager to visit but also probably not in the cards for the near future.  Morocco!  My brother went last year and had an amazing time.

I hear Marrakech is amazing.  I have a few friends that have gone and just rave about it.  Have you ever been?  Here are his pictures of Marrakech, Fez and Tangiers!

This is where he stayed in Marrakech.  It's called Ksar Char Bagh.  Check out their website...great pictures and interesting music.

And finally....


  1. Morocco is somewhere I would love to go too! It's so beautiful...

  2. Gorgeous photos and I always thought I'd want to go too...but my cousins went a couple of years ago and rented a 'luxury villa' which was not, to say the least. And they all got sick. I don't know - I might go one day, but in the meantime I'll just admire lovely photos like these!

  3. Mommy, I'm Home - I think so too and hope to get there one day.

    Coco - Thanks!

    Christy - I totally know what you mean. You get nervous when you know people that have had a bad experience. I have a friend that loves it so much, she wants to move there...that's a little too much for me but a visit might be nice. :-)

  4. Ohhhh beautiful pictures!
    I went on a road trip to all three cities and must say they are the most beautiful places I've ever visited. Full of everything I remember about old tales and stories that I always thought were just that. Also the food there was to die for!!!! Beautiful all around!!!!
    Funny story is that my mom was offered many camels for me....

  5. We seriously considered adding this to our honeymoon trip (Spain). But ultimately, it went in the good idea - but maybe next time category. We still kind of regret that.