Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

Wow, I was totally blown away by k.d. Lang's version of Hallelujah during the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics last night. It reminded me of how much I love her voice. It's beautiful and moving.  I looked all day for a video of her singing it last night but just couldn't find it.

Here's k.d. Lang singing it four years ago.  Take a look.  The very end is so sweet.  The man she approaches is Leonard Cohen the Canadian singer-songwriter that wrote the song.  Last night's performance definitely topped this one but this one is still so good.

What did you think of the opening ceremonies?


  1. I love this song and I love when kd lang sings it...

  2. Such a beautiful song. I thought the opening was good -- not great. I particularly liked the slam poet.

  3. great song!

    i really really LOVED sarah m's song too and her voice always gives me the chills!

  4. slow panic - Oh, me too! I could listen this song over and over again.

    Mommy, I'm Home - I completely agree with you, it was good but not great, and some parts just weird.

    Katie - Sarah m is such a great singer and did a fantastic job!

  5. LOVED them. So sad that they were dedicated to the luger though. I'm loving all the skiing and figure skating tonight!

  6. KD Lang is one of my very favorites and I LOVE the song. So moving.

  7. Love the song, but I must make a completely ungracious comment.

    In her white suit, at first glance, I thought k.d. lang was Elvis. And not hot young Elvis.

    The song? Great. The suit? In need of better tailoring. Just sayin'.