Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOST Question

Did you see Lost on Tuesday? If you didn't and don't want to hear what happened then please don't read further.

OK, here's my question, if Claire's body was taken over by some evil force, wouldn't she have had to die first? Wasn't she alive and well the last time we saw her in the "cabin" with Jack's father?

Just curious...

Also, they better start explaining a bunch of the new mysteries soon including how the two different realities can co-exist (what the...) because the not knowing is driving me nuts!


  1. Here's my theory:

    Claire must have died somewhere along the line and when she was with her father (also Jack's father) he was dead and his body was already taken over by the black smoke thingy or whatever it is and then it took over her body as well.

    I'm thinking that real world portion of the show is not really going on at the same time as what's going on back at the island, but is actually what happens after the show ends. Did you notice how a number of the characters in the real world are having deja vu moments? I think whatever happens later in the season makes it so the plane really does land in LA and everyone goes on with their lives, which is what we're seeing now.

    The only problem with that theory, though, is that Desmond wasn't on the original plane but he was on last week's episode aboard the plane. Plus, Boone's sister wasn't on the plane last week, but was on it before. So in all honesty, maybe I haven't figured it out...

  2. She was in one of those houses when it got blown up. Didn't she die then and then her body disappeared...

    I think the reason they are trying to keep them together is because they need to be in a certain place and time and then they will disappear from one of those realities. I read they don't really know what will happen. They have a soft ending but are writing as they go.

  3. Gee I don't remember seeing Claire with Jack's (and her) dad at all. Argh. I hate that they made her evil and I'm totally thinking that the 'real world' stuff is an alternate reality...and maybe they'll get to choose which one is their reality at the end?!

  4. I'm so glad I asked. I love reading your thoughts on the Lost questions...including Claire. I forgot momentarily that of course Claire was with her (and Jack's) dad.

    Did Jack look surprised? Did he know Claire was his sister?

  5. If this is what happened to Ben - is it also what happened to Evil Locke? They don't have many episodes in which to wrap this up...

  6. Jack learned that Claire was his half-sister when the Oceanic 6 returned to the US. But he would be surprised that the Asian man had that knowledge, I think.

    Claire herself could be one of two things (or maybe these two combined): 1) it could be related to the 'illness' that Rousseau's shipmates came down with, which caused Rousseau to kill them all. Which by the way, might be the same thing that Sayid has, according to the Asian man. or 2) it could somehow be related to Smokey. I agree with the theory that, before Locke's body appeared on the Island, Smokey lived in Christian Shephard's body. He used Shephard to influence people like Jack and Locke to do his bidding.

    When it all comes down to it, it seems that the resolution of the series will come back to that discussion that the Man in Black and Jacob had on the beach last season. The one about bringing people to the Island, and there's only one ending, 'everything else is progress'.

    (Whew! Sorry for the long-winded-ness!)