Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Soap Box - Young Girl Peagants

While getting my occasional Golden Girls fix on the WE tv channel, I am periodically accosted by a commercial for the most horrible show called Little Miss Perfect.  It's a show about little girl beauty pageants and even though I have never seen it (nor do I have a little girl of my own), I shutter at the entire notion of this show.

The commercials show these little girls, as young as around 5 years old, being paraded around stage with tons of make up and completely inappropriate "show" cloths.  Then they show the mothers telling their  girls what they did wrong on stage and the girls breaking down in tears.  And then they show the "world-renowned pageant expert," so proud of his job, showing the girls how to strut just right on stage.  

The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach every time I see it.  Am I missing something or is this just seriously wrong!  And gross, and weird, and bad and sad.  Seriously, I just wonder how any mother could do this to their impressionable wide eyed just-learning-what-it-means-to-be-a-human being-in-the-world little girl.  Seriously!  Am I missing something?


  1. I have seen some of these shows and I think it is insane. It comes really close to the videos I have seen of the "Travelers". The ones who are clannish and scam people. They parade their little girls in a performance of suggestive dance to broker a husband for them in the future. It is sick.

  2. OMG I can NOT believe this is a real show. Little girl pageants should be outlawed!!! And showcasing them on tv is just such a shame...makes me very sad and angry.

    And truth be told, this is coming from a girl who did TALENT competitions - big difference - NOT beauty pageants - as a child. I was a tap dancer and baton twirler, and we also walked the runway in our outfits (my favorite was a peacock!!) - but not like these kids today or like that little girl from Colorado whose name escapes me. So sad. Ugh. If there's a petition out there to end this show, I'd gladly sign it.

  3. HA! I just linked my name to a link I sent the girls for bridesmaid dresses!

  4. confession: i DVR toddlers in tiaras on TLC. the ridiculousness of these pagents is through the roof. i think that the pagent moms are way crazier than the sports mom and dads that push their kids in athletics. sometimes the kids seem to love it - but i think the whole glitz thing is too much. and yet, i feed the machine by watching the show...

  5. I find this pretty horrifying. It's hard to imagine how the parents can't see how disfunctional it is...

    Christy is thinking of Jean Benet Ramsey (I'm allowing her pregnancy brain for that one) and that poor little thing put the totally unbelieveable kiddie pageant world on the radar of everyone in the U.S. (and elsewhere I expect).

    Little girls getting into Mommy's make up drawer are adorable. Mommies searching for the perfect shade of amber eye shadow to bring out their daughters' freshly frosted highlights are just sick.