Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

As you might have heard, we're apparently going to be entering some kind of winter Armageddon tonight.  And since they couldn't possibly be exaggerating the snowzilla that's about to hit us, I'm making all appropriate arrangements for my survival.

But just in case I don't make it as a result of being buried under a hundred feet of snow, I wanted to say thanks for all the good times we've had.  Like the time you came over here and hung out with me or the other times when you left those really awesome comments!

I'll be thinking of you as I try and dig out of the mountain of snow that will entomb me soon.  ;)

The view from my room! 


  1. I read about that last night. You are supposed to get over 2 feet of snow. Brrrr. My nephew lives in that area. I hate it for you guys.

    This is perfect weather for that French Onion Soup....

  2. So pretty! I just walked Dublin down the street - it's up to my knees, and the poor dog had to hop the whole way to keep his head up! I love it!

  3. We JUST dug our car out so Chris could go to the store. No easy feat!

  4. Coco - I hope your nephew is OK in this snow!

    Christy - poor Dublin, I hope he can enjoy the snow.

    Kate - That is not easy with all the snow we got! Good luck and be careful with driving in the snow.