Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love That Karen Walker!

Anastasia is not my real name.  I chose it for my blog some time ago and have loved it every since. It's been so much fun!  I've enjoyed being able to have some privacy for myself and my family and also share my life with you and be part of this great blog world.

How did I choose that name you might ask?  Well, after some thought, I zeroed in on Anastasia Beaverhausen from the TV show, Will and Grace.  I used to love that show and that was a name that Karen would use when she was going incognito.  It made me laugh and I loved Karen's spunk and craziness so I decided that I would take it on.

Here's a few fun clips...go to 2:33 for Karen using her alias! :)

And this one is SO much fun.  It's a montage of Karen clips to the song Sex Bomb.  This made me laugh out loud!

And here's some fun Karen Walker bloopers from the show!

OMG, I could do this all day!  Love that Karen.  :)


  1. Mommy, I'm Home isn't my real name either. It's Karen. But not Karen Walker...:)

  2. I love that that's how you got your name -- and I miss Will and Grace..

  3. If I had an alias, it would definitely be Margarita. That was my name in spanish class in high school (we got to choose them ourselves). I love yours! I think of you as Princess Anastasia! ;-)

  4. And here I thought you were Russian royalty... I didn't realize how much I missed Will & Grace until I watched those. They were a funny bunch.

    Thanks for clearing up the name mystery!!

  5. A princess? Royalty? I'll take it girls! LOL

    I had forgotten how funny this show was until I started looking through clips. OMG, some of the stuff still makes me laugh so hard. :)

  6. I used to tell people that I was French and that my name is Jacques Benimblay.

    But most people call me Jack. It was kind of fun. I might have to try it again.