Monday, February 1, 2010

Outside Celebrations

Have you ever been to an outdoor wedding or dinner party?  It has a completely different feel than the traditional way most of us gather to celebrate and eat.  Feeling the wind on your shoulders as you eat and share the joy of the occasion is so fun.

I have to admit, I've only attempted to do it once when I had a ladies brunch outside and even though it was fun, I thought it was tough to orchestrate.

Here are a couple of outside gathering from two beautiful blogs.  The first is the header photo from Maya's blog, Completely Coastal.  Doesn't it make you want to live close to the beach and have friends that love to entertain like this?

The other blog is all about weddings!  This picture is from Emily Newman's website Once Wed.

What do you think of outside weddings?  I have been to a few outsides weddings.  Two of my closest friends did outside weddings, one on Orcas Island (off the Seattle coast) and the other in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Both were magical.

I was too nervous to ever contemplate an outside wedding because of the unpredictability of the weather and the bugs.  I'm the kind of person that will attract any mosquito within a hundred mile radius so I'm terrible with outside gatherings but I do love them.

Photograph by: Sarah Yates Photography

Don't these picture make you want to have beautiful outdoor parties!?


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I love that photograph. It's a company that sets the table for you! I have never been to an outdoor wedding. It's a bit risky, I agree, especially in Seattle!

  2. Maya - You're so welcome! I love that picture. I just couldn't get it out of my head once I went on your beautiful and serene. :)

  3. Yes, and they make me want to jump into that first picture!

  4. Love the idea - but I just wouldn't risk it. My ceremony was supposed to be in a courtyard and it almost rained that day - stress!

    I always think of a wedding my friend attended in Key West. It was during the season that got the least rain and of course - it rained. The entire thing was outdoor - with a couple of tents. I'm sure it was wonderful anyway - but still!