Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little LOST Fun

I'm so loving Lost these days. Yes, it's frustrating being twisted around the crazy minds of the writers and having to maneuver through all mysteries and puzzles but I'm starting to see it come together and it's fun!

I really liked the last episode. One thing that kind of made me laugh was the little boy. Throughout this show whenever you think you have reached the "one" with the most power, whether it be, the Others (several iterations), Ben, Lock, Jacob, the smoke (as Lock), you suddenly find that in fact there is something (or someone) more powerful bossing around the one that you thought had the power.

So now the little boy, whom I'm assuming represents the Island, is the one that gets to tell the evil Lock what to do. And Sawyer, man, he's got some guts on him just following Locke knowing he very well might kill him at any moment.

And I loved last week when he confessed his deep love of Juliet. They were by far my favorite couple during this show...I found the way they came together and fell in love so romantic...and I loved Sawyer for finding that after being so jaded all his life.

Going back to the power struggle, we have (1) the Asian head of the Others in the Temple, (2) Jacob, while dead still able to be present; (3) the smoke in Locke, (4) the "chosen" ones which include Sawyer, Said, Jack etc.; and (5) of course, probably the most powerful one, the Island (seen in the boy?).

I'm sure I'm missing a whole bunch of things but that was my quick and dirty summary of it. Then I found this amazing Wikipedia page outlining the description and history of each character. OMG, I could easily waste many hours reading this. Yes, folks, I'm little obsessed.

And in honor of the obsession, here are a couple of videos:

OMG, so funny, all the nicknames Sawyer has used; parts 1 and 2!

A Letterman top 10 list from a million years ago...still pretty good!

And if you still haven't had enough, here's Jimmy Kimmel in Hawaii with the Lost cast and crew:


  1. Wait - the smoke in John Locke - isn't that the man in black from the island beach scenes with Jacob - where they told each other they weren't allowed to kill each other, but they'd like to?! I'm so confused - as usual. But I LOVE this season and am so sad it's the last. I hope they do a movie. Like SATC - that movie was so fun, and I can't wait for the next one!!!

    AND, why wasn't Kate's name on the list in the cave? And how are they going to get out of there? Climb BACK UP those ladders?!

  2. Do you think that boy is Jacob? My husband thinks it's Aaron, but I think it's Jacob.

  3. I have literally watched one episode, not one.

  4. I think the boy is Jacob too. The couldn't kill each other and that is why Locke-smoke had Ben kill him. But I don't think he is gone. Remember the woman taking ashes from where Jacob was kicked into the fire and burned up? I am so totally loving it. I think that Jacob and smoke man are entities that can't die for whatever reason. Punishment or something maybe.

    Maybe one was good and the other is evil...

  5. Christy - Yup, the black smoke is now living in Locke's body and is the enemy of Jacob and maybe the Island.

    Karen - I don't think it's Aaron because he was living in the real world and never came back to the Island alive or dead. It could be Jacob....hmmm....I thought maybe it was a separate representation of the Island itself.

    Jessica - You are kidding me! If I had never seen one, I would TOTALLY do a LOST marathon from beginning to end. You will love it, no commercials, no waiting for the next season, just straight fun!

  6. That's exactly how I found and fell in love with show, before season 3 or 4 premiered...we rented season one dvd one, and then kept renting all of them until we were caught up with the new season, which was premiering the following week! I swear, we sat in front of our tv for at least 10 hours a day for a long weekend catching up! I LOVE IT!

  7. I thought the little boy was just a follower of Jacobs. and I think the guy possessing Locke is the dark haired guy talking to Jacob hundreds of years ago.

    I'm really tired of Jack.

  8. I totally forgot about "Tatoo" and "Han and Chewie" AND "Captain Falalfel." Some of my all time favorites.