Tuesday, February 2, 2010


T-minus one hour until the season premiere. (see update below)

I'm glad this is the final season.  It's time to wrap it up and let us in on all the mysteries and twists and turns they've taken us on...especially for those of us that have been loyal watchers since the first episode. Did you watch?  What did you think?

Well, the premiere didn't disappoint in terms of total confusion and dozens of strange surprises.  I don't want to spoil it here for the people that haven't seen it but I have tons of theories about what's happening, especially the Sayid thing... loved that!  Take a look at this site for some interesting theories from different LOST fans.  I'd love to hear your theories... 


  1. i agree buuuuut i will admit that i will miss my "lost" love....sawyer.

    lol :)

    and i had to also write a post about this event too!?!

    have fun watching and ENJOY!!!

  2. Katie - I will so miss him too! Have fun watching tonight. We need to compare notes tomorrow. :)

  3. I'm gonna savour every moment of this last season....a part of me doesn't want it to end but you're right....it's time to wrap it up!

  4. Did you guys notice Sayeed's weird accent when he "woke up"?? I don't it's him.

  5. Please tell me that Sawyer is not going to be a "no fun navel gazing mopey type" this season...I never bought into him and Juliet anyway.

  6. Daphne - I know what you mean. I liked the Sawyer that was more grown up last season and hope that he doesn't go fully bad guy on us.

  7. I missed it! I will have to watch it later this week if they make it available on I-TV. All good things must come to an end : ) It will be interesting to see where Sawyer pops up next in the Lost afterlife....

  8. I am almost done watching it - so I won't read the comments. LOVING it, but also confused!

  9. Love Lost so much. but kind of glad they are wrapping it up this season. loved last night's episode.

  10. Didn't read the update or the comments because I didn't get to watch last night! No DVR and my kids don't go to bed until 8 p.m. - which means I'm up there reading books, etc. until 8:30. And with the damn school cancellation today I can't even use the twins' naptime to catch up on abc.com. Wonder if Chris will watch with me tonight...he lost track so long ago...

  11. ok so i 100% agree about the sayeed prediction. totally!!!

    loved the convo between jack and locke at lax


    what black-smoke-locke said about good-locke

    i could just go on about this for hours and i too, just wrote a post and found some great sites with some awesome ideas and comments!!!

    glad you liked it!!!