Sunday, January 31, 2010

52nd Annual Grammy Awards

Watching the Grammy Awards....

- Lady Gaga and Elton John on the piano, very cool!  They each sang parts of each others' songs and their own on two pianos facing each other.  LOVED IT.

Here it is.  Totally grainy but you can hear the two of them together.  Their performance together starts around 3:15.

- Steven Colbert is great but not sure how much I like him as the Grammy Awards host...what did you think?
- I usually love me some Pink but I didn't enjoy her Circ de Soleil performance.  To be honest it made me dizzy.  And what was up with all the water?  She did look amazing though and I give her credit for trying to do something different.
- So enjoy seeing Robert Downey Jr., especially since I got to meet him last month at the Sherlock Holmes premiere.  He was so gracious and nice.  Long story, I'll post about it soon! :-)
- Alice Cooper looked pretty uncomfortable with Katy Perry, especially when she tried to be funny and started touching him.
- Nice rendition of America the Beautiful by the Zack Brown Band.
-Is it just me or was Taylor Swift's voice a little off tonight, especially when she was singing with Stevie Nicks?
- 3D glasses for people at home?  Huh?
- Bon Jovi rocks!  :)

What did you think of the Grammys?


  1. Bon Jovi did rock!!!!! I only started watching with Bon Jovi on but now I can go to sleep a happy woman! :)

  2. I like Steven Colbert, although there were a few awkward, disconnected moments for me.
    Pink's performance was stunning, but I felt dizzy too! The spinning was a bit distracting.
    I don't like Katy Perry -- I felt sorry for Alice Cooper.
    Zack Brown Band -- two thumbs up!
    Taylor Swift didn't have her best night, in my humble opinion, and she and Stevie Nicks didn't compliment one another.
    I wasn't hip to the 3D glasses either!
    Bon Jovi was great!

  3. I didn't see them - I was asleep. HAHA! I'll look up the fashions worn later today, and read re-caps like yours. Alice Cooper - he stood behind me in line in Vegas once! We were waiting to get our tix for Spamalot and I couldn't help thinking to myself - why is he in line with us plebes?!

  4. steve colber? boo

    but the michael jackson tribute was awesome!!! but his kids were more than a bit off!

  5. EL - I know, he's such a great performer.

    Chris - I'm glad I wasn't the only one! :)

    Christy - That's crazy...what did he look like in person?

    Katie t - I so agree about the kids...kind of awkward.