Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dirty Underbelly of Politics

Today, John Edward's right hand man, Andrew Young and his wife, Cheri, were on Oprah talking about their involvement in the national deception that Edwards orchestrated about his affair and the child that came out of that affair.

The interview was horrendous and shocking.  I've written previously about how disgusted I've been by Edwards' decisions regarding his affair but this interview not only confirmed my feelings but if possible, elevated my disrespect for this man.

Andrew Young talked about his book and all the details of the deception that he and his wife participated in.  It was clear in the interview that Andrew and his wife were looking for sympathy for what they've been through.  But all I saw was two unethical self serving people that participated in an incredibly sad and dirty cover up and then when they realized that they were not going to be "taken care of" by Edwards, were willing to air everyone's dirty laundry for money. 

The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.  Here is the piece on Oprah's website where you can see a short video and read the interview. There was one thing that the couple said that I do agree with, Elizabeth Edwards is the biggest victim of this ugly mess.

I was going to post a picture of Andrew and his wife but honestly, I just didn't want their image on my blog.


  1. Very sad that politicians think they are above it all. Also, their moral character is pathetic. Policitics has gotten to be more of a popularity contest, beauty contest, etc.

  2. That whole thing is horrifying. The only thing that I could say in defense of that couple's involvement is that you can sometimes get so wrapped up in someone else's life that you lose track of your own and your integrity. I think this happens a lot in politics (and Hollywood). It's such a small world. As for capitalizing on misfortune...well, there's no excuse for that.

  3. I'm not surprised that such people exist or even that they are those we should be able to look up to. Celebrities are the same. (I'm so over Tiger Woods, Mark Sandord and the like. Sex addiction...pah-lease!)

    I am surprised that others can become so wrapped up in such tacky, immoral behavior and lose all their wits. Were these people supposed to be friends of Elizabeth?? I'm sure they played the part when it benefited them! Yes, she is suffering most. I feel terrible for her. I feel nothing for the rest of them. I just hope they get theirs sevenfold.

  4. I think people always have a choice to participate or not participate in underhanded slimeball dealings. Thank you again for another thoughtful post.

  5. I heard this guy on the radio and he did seem rather, umm, gleeful about his new-found noteriety.

    At least Elizabeth can honestly say she's conducted herself honorably. This whole situation is just a no-win.

  6. The whole situation is just so, so sad. I tend to tune it out - like I do all sad, or scary news - these days. I don't blame you one bit for not putting their pix up on your blog!