Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Splash of Color

I'm so loving all these new designs that blogger has to offer. How fun is that? I love changing things around every once in a while. I hope that's not too weird for people visiting.

The one now is of fresh delicious looking seriously red tomatoes! Yum. I'm growing tomatoes this year and every single day when I see them on the vine it makes me smile. Who knew that growing food would be such a fun thing.

I have to admit something. I'm very lazy by nature. Not shocking but it's so true. I can be so productive when I get going but once my butt hits the couch it's like it's super glued on there and it takes all my power to tear myself off of it.

I've been thinking these days about how much I love color. It makes me so happy. Every time I see a list of colorful grafts, foods, or object on Sherilee's blog I smile. I keep thinking, wow, how rich and intoxicating they are and wonder how I can incorporate more color into my life. I don't wear too much color (trying to avoid the whole looking like a clown thing) but I love the idea of spreading color somewhere. Maybe here on this blog is where I can share my love. :)

The other thing that just lifts me is music. I'm typing in a rhythm as I listen to Sinatra sing Day by Day. "I find that day by day you're making my dreams come true..." So romantic.

Anyway lovelies. I hope you had a splash of color and/or music in your day. I'll check back with you very soon.