Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Someone Help Me!

I just realized something disturbing.  I've suspected it for a while but it really hit me today.  I have a bad case of exclamationitis!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am an overly obsessive and chronic exclamation point user!!!

I use it all the time, on facebook, on my blog, in e-mails (God help me even in the occasional work e-mails), and even in my own personal documents and to do lists.  I can't help it.  It's gotten so bad that I can barely finish a sentence without pulling one out (let alone two or three)!

Apparently, it's an absolute no no in well thought of writing manuals and books.  But even though I'm well aware of this fact, I still pull it out at a drop of a hat.  Somehow I think that I am except from the rule because what I'm saying is really really exciting and is in desperate need of one of those shapely vertical lines atop a perfect sphere.

Any treatment ideas are welcome.



  1. Embrace the exclamation post sister! I, too, use it ALL THE TIME. And all caps - because I really do THINK and SPEAK that way!!! (as you know!). I think it's awesome!

  2. Christy's comment cracks me up because as I was reading this, I thought that she did this too. And I have to say - it does really help clarify tone...(also reminds me of Claudio back in the day...)

  3. Hah! I'm getting pretty bad about over-using the !!! too! :)

    This reminds me of Bridget Jones, when her co-worker told her to take it easy on the exclamations. Wasn't that in BJ???

  4. hehehe!!!!


    me too!!!!


    exclamations and cuss words REALLY give the TRUE impact!!! lol

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. Christy - We're two pees in a pod.

    Kate - I so thought the same thing when I wrote the post.

    Mel - I can't remember...I'm not sure if it was in BJ (which I love by the way!).

    Katie - OMG, your comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! :))))

  6. I know your pain! Every once in awhile I look at what I've written--Facebook, emails, etc.--and try and take out a few. But I think it's because we're all enthusiastic women, and we write like we talk! So there!