Monday, March 1, 2010

To Old To Pattinson

I don't get it.  Seriously, am I just way too old to understand the ridiculous global hype about this guy?  Granted, I have not seen any of the Twilight movies nor read the books but still, wouldn't you think that if this guy was all that the millions of crazed fans think he is I would at least be able to understand the appeal?  He's just a better than average looking young guy.  There are dozens of them all over the place in Hollywood.  Why him?


  1. Well I was loaned the books (all four of them) last summer - and I read them in about 12 days. Seriously addicting. I rented the first movie when it came out, and have yet to see the second - when it comes out on video I'll get it. I think he's cute and great in the movie...and I guess the world likes to have a favorite young movie star - like I used to love Brad Pitt in his early days!

  2. well i have read the books and HE WAS NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT who i pictured to be "edward" and i was very disappointed.

    but i know so many of my friends, (christy obviously i know is one of them too) who LOVE him.

    in the movie sometimes he looked hotter than hot but then he would look awkward? hmmm i don't know. i am curious to see this new movie he is in with emilie de ravin (claire from lost) and to see what i think......

    but yeah. maybe we're just too old!?! waaaaaahhhhh!!! no!!!!


  3. Yeah, he does nothing for me. I have zero interest in the books and vampire culture in general, but if he was all that, I'd still think "cute"--not so much. And the Kristen person he hangs with--same thought there.

  4. I can see the appeal - but from afar. He's not for me.

  5. I'm pretty sure this is the kid that played Cedric Digory in the Harry Potter film (#4). I thought he was yes, better than average, in that movie. I find him unappealing these days. Seriously, what's up with the hair? And is he trying to make himself look sleepy with those half-opened eyes?

    I think he's the flavor the week.

    However, I have never found Brad Pitt to be attractive like the masses. So, maybe there's something wrong with me???

  6. I agree completely! I don't get it at all. Although I've happily lived Twilight-free :)