Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Not Called A Vacation

I just got back home after a few days of what some people may call vacation but I would argue deserves another name.

Two little kids (first ever trip to a place other than grandparents' house), freezing cold weather, tons of stressful work (I know, why am I working on vacation?), hotel room with not enough beds, change in time zone (the worst part for especially the 3 year old), irregular foods (you know what I get so used to certain foods), sleep deprivation for everyone, and a two-flight trip across the country without the husband.  If it wasn't for the lovely friend I was visiting and her adorable kids, I would have really kicked myself for doing that trip at all!

I will elaborate soon (as I'm passing out from fatigue and still have to put the kids to bed) but needless to say, I will think very carefully before doing this again.


  1. I adore doing things with my kids... well... the idea of it. The truth is, I've never felt "rested" after we've traveled with kids... anywhere. Still, I feel it's important to make memories. Even if I can't remember all of them. :-) I hope you're feeling better rested.

  2. Thank you Chris...what a wise and thoughtful comment!

    So true about the memories. :)

  3. traveling w/ my kids when they were little was so stressful. it was so rough b/c of the lack of good sleep for any of us.

  4. I'm exhausted just reading this! You are a brave woman, and a good mama. Rest up!

  5. No, it doesn't sound like much of a vacation, and it brings back memories! I remember a particularly stressful trip from NYC back home when I was traveling alone with my son and he was about 4. For some reason he was just a little devil to me and sweetness and sunshine to everyone else. I seriously wanted to open up a hatch on the plane and boot him out! Good thing I didn't, because he's a wonderful traveler now and I have the best time going anywhere with him!

    Oh and the time change! I never get that right. Always feel "off" until I'm back home again. Crazy.

    I am sure you're glad to be home now! Nothing like the routines of homelife to get everyone back in their groove.

  6. The two-flight trip would have been the clincher for me. I feel for you - poor thing! Hopefully you're resting and recovering at home now!