Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inspiring People

Do you ever watch the Extreme Home Makeover?  The few times that I've seen it I cried like a baby.  But tonight I watched Dateline NBC: Circle of Hands and instead of having a show renovate a home, it was a local town deciding that a family among them was in need and coming together to do something amazing.

If you can still catch it, It's worth watching.  Again, cried like a baby practically throughout the whole thing.

We hear so much on the news about the horrible things people do to each other, crimes, war, tragedy,'s everywhere.  But then you also see that even in these hard economic times people are so generous, so thoughtful and so full of love for their fellow man.

It so inspiring and heartwarming and it reminds me to do more and give more in my own life.


  1. i couldn't agree more...

    i too, cry like a baby and think how grateful i should be since it could be worse. it's a humbling experience...

  2. I do love a good, uplifting story. It's so exhausting hearing terrible stories of sorrow and hatred all the time.