Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night!

It's here...Oscar night!  I thought for some reason that I could sit uninterrupted with my girlfriend, whom I'm visiting on the west coast, and enjoy all the Hollywoodenss of the evening with lots of yummy food.  But that's not going to happen.  You see I brought my kids because I just didn't want to be without them but now sitting in my girl friend's house I realize that taking care of my two boys and her taking care of her two boys, all four under 6 years old, will prevent us from bundling up in front of the TV for the night.

But, we will try our best!  I'll be running in and out of the TV room trying to get as much of the Oscar stuff as I can while playing mediator, child care professional, chef and the rest of the things that go with being a mom.

So without further a adieu, here goes my commentary on the evening:

- Sandra Bullock's dress...GORGEOUS!  Wow.

- LOVE Jennifer Lopez's dress but seriously didn't like Sarah Jessica Parker.  Not to be catty but Sarah is looking really old these days.  I like her generally but that dress and hair made her look worse than she usually looks.  Jennifer Lopez, that girl's got some good make up and eye brow people...she's looking good.

-LOVE Meryl Streep and that white dress is great I think.  It looks good on her and works I think.  What do you think?

-OK, strange way to start the night...not sure if I liked it...maybe.

- OMG, why is Neil Patrick Harris doing this beginning song?  I LOVE him.  He's so perfect.  What a fun surprise?  He was so great doing the Emmys!

-What do you think of the two host thing?  Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin!  I so love Alec Baldwin...he was beyond funny in It's Complicated.

- I so don't like Quentin Tarantino.  His movies are so violent and dark.

- What's up with George Clooney?  He seems like he is devoid of all humor tonight.  He keeps making faces at the hosts.  Maybe he just doesn't like award shows.

- What a GREAT montage of John Hughes movies.  Loved those.

- Short film acceptance award...what happened there?  The woman interrupting the guy trying to make his acceptance speech.  It was so weird and awkward.

- Mo'Nique's speech was good.  She looks great.

The middle is pretty boring.  Nothing to report.

What do you think so far!?

- Yeah!!! The Argentinean movie won the best foreign movie.  Congrats to my dear friends from Argentina! :)

- Best leading man...what a great presentation.  I loved how they had each actor being introduced by a close colleague.  Not a surprise win....I so wish I had seen Crazy Heart!

-Best leading actress...what amazing women!  And did we know Oprah was going to grace us with her presence?  I was surprised.  I love Meryl Streep and loved the movie.  But Sandra Bullock is so lovely.  And what a great speech.  So true.  The mothers that love their babies, no matter where they come from. Love.

-First best woman's about time!  :)

Wow, surprise best movie!  I have definitely got to see it now.  Congratulations to The Hurt Locker!


  1. ok, i've been out all night and not even checked the news. just got home and logged onto this so i could get an idea of what happened and this was actually a perfect little synopsis for me! and yes, you must see crazy the soundtrack is gorgeous. thanks! xo

  2. Wow....I love reading all about what you thought of Oscar Night! I wish I could have been on here with you to comment but I too had my hands full. Also glad to hear you were visiting with your friend and enjoying yourself. We need to talk more about this event in was so much fun to watch. I've got to say it was a very happy moment for me. I even got goose bumps at times!
    Meryl Streep...I LOVE HER TOO! maybe next time she'll get it! What a woman!!!!
    Sarah J. P.....DID NOT LIKE HER DRESS!!!! like you said she looked old and what's with the fuzzy hair at the top. Both she and JLo had the same thing going on.....did not like it!
    The 2 presenters were funny and I enjoyed the opening by Patrick.
    George Clooney was in my eyes just playing along with the presenters. I think that was staged. Lots of times they do that to get a laugh and I think that's what they tried to do.
    Jeff Bridges....HE DEFINITELY DESERVED IT!!!!! it was about time...great guy!!!
    I don't like Quentin Tarantino's movies either but I saw that movie twice (I was forced) and I must say the Nazi guy was FANTASTIC! he deserved that Oscar!
    I really need to see all the films nominated! we should do it now when they come out on DVD and hang out some nights just for that!
    Can't wait to see you so we can talk more....

  3. I agree, George was definitely just playing along with the routine, he wasn't really grouchy. And Meryl Streep looked great - so exciting that she was wearing Chris from Project Runway! He always seemed like a nice guy.

  4. Oh , you have written wonderfully..I loved Sandra's dress too.. but I must admit I didn't like meryl's that much..but she is Meryl, she can walk in any dress and would still be classy..

  5. Thanks ladies! I love hearing from you. It was fun doing a little commentary.