Monday, April 5, 2010

Containers Galore

I have such a hard time throwing away boxes and containers, especially if they're cute in any way.  Although that is not a prerequisite.  I currently have four medium sized moving boxes in my office that I just can't get rid of because the boys used them one day for playing robot men and now every time I see them I think what if they want to play with them again and I've thoughtlessly thrown them away!!

And then there are the dozen or so plastic, paper, metal or wooden boxes that I have acquired.  They are old food containers (mostly cute cookie or sweets) or gift containers that I can't stand to let go of.  What if I can reuse them somehow?

And then there are the bags...OH THE BAGS!  I will keep practically any bag that enters my house.  What's more useful than a bag?  And they come in all varieties, plastic, paper, cotton, big, small, medium, from stores, from friends, free gifts, left doesn't matter how it ends up in my hands, once it's here it sets up its home and never leaves!

But I've been thinking these days, maybe I should clean house and let go of some of that stuff.  What do you think?


  1. I actually bought a clear plastic bin to hold all my pretty bags - and my not so pretty bags go into another bag in our hall closet. Boxes? I keep and Fi play in them, then I recycle them and figure I can get more if I need too....those pretty sweets containers though, I would have a hard time parting with them too. They're perfect for giving cookies away!d

  2. I used to keep every container that came into our house too. After all, you never know when you might need one, right? Then I was sick one day and spent the whole day on the couch watching that Hoarders show on TLC. As soon as I was well, I went on a de-cluttering frenzy...

  3. i have gotten much better about getting rid of containers. what helps me? if i need one, i can always get one. this helps ward off the "but i might need it some day" syndrome.

  4. I love boxes, containers and bags, too! My husband teases me if he sees me pondering a box... should it stay? or should it go? He'll say, "That's a perfectly good box." [What I typically say to him when I catch him throwing a container away.] :-)

  5. I always feel better about getting rid of things if I can recycle them, not just throw them out. Does it help to think of it that way?

    I have had issues with boxes--little, big, cute, etc.--and with plastic/tupperware, and bags... but I'm working on it. Things like the Hoarders show help...

  6. I do this too. But it's funny to read it from someone else's perspective. I wonder if this is how "hoarders" feel in the beginning...