Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bird By Bird

I'm so happy that I have this medium to share my thoughts and communicate with you.  It's already been so helpful in terms of encouragement and more importantly great advice.  A lot of you have told me to just write.  This is probably the best advice, or reminder, any writer could get.  And I'm taking it to heart.

The other thing I'm doing is reading a lot.  Yesterday, I mentioned a writing book that I was reading.  In response, Sherilee, my dear blog friend that I hope to meet in real life one day soon, suggested the book Bird by Bird.  

Her suggestion was more significant than she could have imagined.  Many years ago, a friend gave me the book because she had heard me talking about my writing dreams.  At the time, that's all they were.  Dreams.  I used to talk about it once in a while more like a distant fantasy than anything I expected to actually happen.  When she gave it to me I tried reading it but after a few pages I put it down.  I didn't really connect to what the writer was saying in the book.  I never picked it up again thinking that it wasn't that good.

Well, last night, because of Sherilee's suggestion, I decided to give it another try.  I started reading and couldn't stop.  What she said not only made perfect sense to me but was a good guide in terms of the steps I need to take today and every day going forward if I want to complete my challenge.  

The difference between all those years ago and today is that I'm so much more ready to receive her message.  I credit a great deal of that to this blog.  When I started this blog some friends didn't understand why I was "wasting" time writing on a blog.  But the one year I spent writing every day (and the very small publishing triumph which came out of the blog) gave me what I needed to start on this journey: the practice of writing on a regular basis, the courage to try and express thoughts on paper quickly without fear of mistakes or criticism, and the knowledge that something wonderful can come out of that writing.

That was a very long way of saying thank you for sticking with me on my blog and giving me feedback.  It means a lot.


  1. I completely relate. Wonderful that you see your progress. I'm attending a writer's workshop this Friday and a local conference on Saturday. I feel nervous... like not worthy somehow. I'm anxious to check out that book now!

  2. Chris - OMG, I feel the same way. I found a writer's workshop around here and have been thinking whether I should go now or when I'm more "ready" like somehow if I go now I'll be out of place.

  3. I love witnessing this journey you are on. You are an inspiration to us all

  4. thanks for being an example.

    cheesy sounding but so true...for me


  5. I'm so glad you connected with the book! Timing has a lot to do with that, with some books.

    And you're an inspiration to me as well. I have things--writing being one of them--that I vow I want to do more of, but never quite get the discipline together to make it a daily habit.

  6. You've peaked my curiosity about the book, and I am happy to be along for the ride as you start this endeavor.