Friday, October 17, 2008

From Talking to Doing

Do you ever feel like you've lost your way? Like you were on track to accomplish something great and somehow you lost your drive or direction?

I have all these great dreams about what I want to do with my life creatively and intellectually and then somehow I get lost in the daily chores of being a mom and wife (both of which I love being) and weeks go by and I realize that I haven't even made one step forward towards any of those dreams.

Then I see something or hear something that lights a flame under me and makes me want to jump in again with full force.

I guess the difference between the people that achieve their goals and the ones that just talk about it is just the doing part. You would think that once you realize that, it would be easy to go from the talking to the doing but it's harder than I ever expected.

So, here I am again reminding myself that it's important to push forward with your dreams and goals no matter how many times you give up or doubt yourself.


  1. Yes and yes, my answers to your questions. I think you've got one of the answers: just keep reminding yourself to follow those dreams. Also, don't berate yourself for what goes undone on some days. I think everyone has days when they just get the necessities accomplished.

  2. This could have been written about me! I know exactly what you mean. I know I could do some really great things if I could only harness my ambition and stick with it. I think another one of my problems is I have a few different directions I could go with things and so I spread myself too thin. Yet I don't know which direction I really want to focus on. It changes a lot.

  3. I am the queen of the sidetrack. I especially get lost when something I want to do just feels so beyond me. I have these big dreams and on some level I KNOW I could do it, but I get intimidated and drop it, only to look back later and think, Why?

    Let's make a pact to follow through from now on, k? I will if you will.