Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Mother's Touch

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things was when my mother would play with my hair. Just her touch would feel better than anything I knew in my life. I never forgot that feeling. As I grew up and moved away from home, I always yearned for it.

Later in life, during my visits home, I would seek an opportunity to lay my head in her lap hoping that she would just stroke my hair for a few minutes. Her touch still felt comforting in an indescribable way and would take me back to those moments in my childhood.

My mother never knew how powerful those touches were or how they comforted me like a warm blanket throughout my life.

Every time I think about those moments with my mother, it reminds me that the smallest gesture from me can mean a lifetime of sweet memories for my children.

So when I'm brushing their hair out of their eyes or rubbing their backs when they're not feeling well, I'll try to remember that even if they don't show it, they may take those moments into their adulthood as moments of love and comfort.


  1. Really?
    I don't have those moments, ha
    First I hate anybody touching my hair, or doing any tickles to my body. Not touching please!!!
    So it's funny to see how special that was for you.
    Each person, so unique! I love it.
    What is great for someone can be a nightmare for another... weird and also fascinating!
    Good night :D

  2. I often wonder what my kids will remember about me when they are older. They're so little now - they won't have the same memories that I do of their toddler days. I can only hope that they remember all of the times that I carried them around because they insisted on being held - and NOT the times that I had to let them cry because I had to get dinner on the table and really needed both hands...

  3. I loved having my hair brushed as a child. We never know what our kids will take with them and hold precious.