Monday, October 27, 2008

I Need My LOST Fix!

I just saw a preview of the next season of LOST and it rocked! I got goosebumps and was so excited about seeing the next season...until I heard "coming in 2009!"

What? Why are they doing this to us? Why drag it out so long?

They treat us like we're crack addicts, making us beg for just a little taste of that crazy suspense and twilight zone buzz.

I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with the show. My husband and I started watching with the very first episode, not knowing what we were getting ourselves into.

I love it SO much that if it's on, I am totally mesmerized and completely focused on the show(don't even try and talk to me!). BUT, by the end of each episode, I get so mad at myself for watching. I'm all anxious about what will happen next and what it all meant. Then I start hating the producers for the twists, turns and complete nuttiness that they thrust upon me. For goodness sake, just tell us what the hell is going on already!!

Every time they open one door, before we have a chance to really enjoy our delicious moment of clarity, ten more mysterious non-sensicle (that's not a word, is it?) doors appear before us. It makes me crazy...but hungry for MORE LOST!

Last season, I told my husband that no matter what I say to NOT let me watch any more episodes. But both of us got sucked in for yet another season.

So now I have to WAIT UNTIL 2009? Are they TRYING to drive me crazy?

If any of the producers happen to stumble onto this post (don't laugh...anything is possible!) I'm begging you, give us more clues, give us more of Jack and Sawyer (Kate's good too but I need my Jack and Sawyer time!)....just give us more LOST and make it quick!


  1. Anastasia - I am also so upset that we have to wait until FEBRUARY?!?! for the next season. And I've also had a love/hate relationship with this show. I discovered the first and second seasons on tape (okay, on dvd, but I still refer to them as tapes) the week before season 3 was about to premier on tv. So my husband and I holed up in our house and literally did nothing else except work and eat for about a week. I think the longest stretch we watched was 8 or 9, or maybe 10 episodes in ONE DAY! He was getting sick of it, but I forced us to continue with our obsession so we could watch the third season 'live'. Since then, we've been taping each episode and watching them the following night, so we can speed through the commercials - you guys should try that this month. Okay, sorry for the extra long comment, I'm a bit obsessed!!

  2. Oh - it's the whole 16 episode season thing. People complained about season 2 and then they cut season 3 short to avoid reruns (a big issue apparently, reruns - do these people watch television? Like it's a new concept.)

    I'm just glad that it wasn't cancelled (I think that was considered) - but I also feel like knocking some heads together. Stupid short attention spans! People want immediate gratification and can't accept an episode that doesn't have five explosions and a decapitation in the first 20 minutes. I completely blame it on reality TV. People want tabloid television and regular fictional programs have to be just as sensational to stay "fresh." I have no patience for this since I've never really liked reality TV.

  3. I hear ya! I love, i mean L-O-V-E Lost. I can't wait, but guess i will have to. Is it coming out at least in January 2009??? Anyway, as you may recall, i was a late comer to Lost, having watched the last 3 (or is it 4) seasons over the summer (well, actually, over a three week period in August, but i digress!). I love Jack and sassy Sawyer. It will be painful to have to sit through the commercials this time around and to only be able to watch one episode each week instead of hitting the "next" key on the remote for hours at a time. Oh well...

  4. I've watched LOST since day one, too. And after every episode, the first thing I say is, "I really hate this show!" Of course, I'm right back there the following week watching and hating again...