Saturday, October 25, 2008

Regrets, I Have A Few

What regrets do you have? I have quite a few. I know regretting things you have done or more importantly not done in your past is completely counterproductive but I can't help thinking about them sometimes.

I love those movies where the protagonist says that they don't have any regrets because everything they've done has brought them to that particular moment (or to the love of their life) or made them the person they are today.

That's not me. I am happy with where I am in my life and feel very lucky to be here but I certainly have regrets; big ones, little ones, short ones, very long ones, trivial ones and life changing ones...basically many many regrets.

I wish I had had the wisdom early in my life to do some things differently. To live my life with much more discipline, courage, and strength.

And now, with the realization of how precious and short life is, I wish I could go back in time and tell my much younger self to be all the things that I now know are so important.

Listen to your gut instincts.

Don't be afraid.

Watch less television.

Do more for others.

Don't feel guilty about enjoying you life.

Respect yourself more.

Paint more.

Write more.

Watch LESS TV!

Sing more.

Dance more.

and finally...



  1. I guess you need to pass all you have been through to think like this right now, otherwise you wouldn't get in this same point, so I must say we learn from our own mistakes, I'm sure somebody told me a lot of things that I see now, but then I didn't hear them, I didn't even understood what they were talking about and now it is so clear to me, so you have to live a lot of things to get here. I honestly don't regret anything, I know there will be a lot of things I wish I would take different decisions, but look at us, something we did good that we have such a happy life in many ways.

  2. had to kirtsy this...

  3. One of my biggest regrets is the way I completely screwed up college the first time around. I mean, whoo boy, did I eff that up big time. In a way that caused so much hurt to so many people. I've forgiven myself for it. And I love where I am right now. And this causes a strange tension. I wish I had done it differently, you know, but if I had, would I have this life I like very much?

  4. When i think of regrets, i think of things that i wish i would have done, not things that i have i wish i wasn't so serious in my 20s in school and "resume building"...I agree with the former posts that some of this stuff is just inevitable and in hind sight which is 20/20 you see it for what it is....

  5. All so true. Especially that part about not watching so much TV (my childhood in a nutshell - does it help that I also read alot?).

    So exciting that this was kirtsied. From editors pick to Today's top stories! Very cool.

  6. the TV is my biggest challenge right now. in fact i'm thinking about giving it up. thinking about it.....

  7. Well, if it helps, don't feel badly I share many of the same regrets and have recently come to realize that they have been holding me back. Raised by practical and conservative parents I have grown to be far too controlled and hesitant. At 42, I have achieved success in life (and I am grateful)but can't help to wonder what I could have done (earlier) if I had really let go.