Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Say Tomato...

Did I tell you that I have started gardening?

That is if growing a bunch of herbs and little tomatoes constitutes gardening. Just last year I tried to grow some basil from seed in my kitchen and failed miserably. I thought that I was just not meant for the green thumb type activities and left it at that.

Then a few months ago, my neighbor encouraged me to try again and I did. I started small. One basil plant in the dirt patch next to the back stairs and one basil plant in a pot close by. The one in the pot started dying but the one in the dirt came to life. It gave me confidence to try a few other things. I got a little mint from a wild flower patch in the park and planted it close the basil. I watered the basil and mint every day and wa
tched them like I would my babies. Both of them started to thrive. I was so happy.

And then this weekend, I took a big plunge and bought a bunch more things: dill, cilantro, rosemary, and wait for it....tomatoes!!!

Here's a picture of my sweet group of lovelies. I have such high hopes for them. :)


  1. I keep saying THIS is the year I'm going to do the same thing...but I really think is NOT the year. Maybe next year! Yours look great - I hope they all flourish and you get to enjoy them in your kitchen!

  2. Oh, I do love our garden and all it's yummy goodies!! Yours looks great already!!

    Christy, from experience I will tell you that tending a garden with a newborn is just too much. Our garden was a huge failure last year.

  3. How's that peppermint treating you?