Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Ramblings

How could I not do a post about LOST after the finale?

If you haven't seen it yet, please do not read on as I'll be discussing the details of the finale.

OK, I so loved it last night. I was sad when I realized that the sideways world was not real because that meant all the people that had died on the island had actually really died, but the way they did it gave me some peace. I felt especially sad for Sun and Jin because their daughter ends up growing up without either of her parents. But their love story was awesome.

I'm not a religious person by a long shot but I did love the idea of having a place where they all could find each other again and join in their journey to the next higher place, whatever that is.

And then there were the moments when they "remembered" and were reunited in death with the people they loved. OMG, I cried with every single reunion. My eyes were swollen by the end of the show.

There were definitely some questions unanswered but most of the main themes tied up for me. I loved that the characters each lived their own destinies and even though they died at totally different times (for all we know Kate lived until she was 100 or Hurley and Ben grew old together, as number 1 and 2, protecting the island) they all came together in the space between reality and the "afterlife" to help Jack (and each other) move on. There was something beautiful about that.

The Ben thing was interesting. He wasn't ready to leave. Hmmm. He still had some things to work out. But he was still in the Sideways world.

What did you think? Tell me, tell me, tell me....


  1. I don't think Sun and Jin's baby lived on...the Sun that was shown to be moving on was pregnant with her...

  2. not to start any controversy but i think that their baby did live back with her grandmother. remember, the sideways life was what they wanted. the 3 of them to be together. but real life, she was back home waiting.... WOW! first thought last night was that i was so relieved, though i knew that they would do it, that sawyer and juliette were reunited...that one i cried about. the other great reunions, i cheered about. especially when i saw boone!!! and charlie,claire and aaron....

    i could see where they were going but it was not until jack saw christian and he became so emotional that i started bawling. all of it just struck me as "beautiful". his emotions, the words they shared, the idea of the after-life, the bond between child/parent, and especially because i knew that it was finally over. oooover :(

    i have thought about this finale all day. i woke up with a pit in my stomach because i'm so sad that it's a selfish way because i'm so happy that they ended it the way they did.

    i loved it....LOVED IT!!! and i've loved analyzing all of the different "parts". the ben thing? i don't know. i honestly hope that they just leave it as is because a sequel or spin of would never be as good!!!


  3. First of all - thank you for explaining how the bomb "worked." Now it seems so obvious - but sometimes that can get lost in all of the other details.

    I have been thinking about the finale all day. I LOVED it. The way you love a really sad but uplifing movie and want to see it again and again. Watching the entire series again will have to wait. If I do that in a year or two, I'll have forgotten enough of the smaller plot lines and I'm sure I'll notice far more nuances about the early seasons that got lost in the bigger action scenes.

    It bothered me a little bit that certain people weren't there at the end - but that could just be that they didn't need to be in that sideways world and no one else there needed them to move on. Seems like Michael could have used a bit more closure than the brief (but very touching) apology to Hurley on the island...but maybe he moved on in his own way. And I just loved Ben's story. I was wondering why Gabrielle and Alex weren't in the group at the church until I understood exactly where they were - that those two people in the sideways world were his own construct. And is it me - or does this sideways world remind you just a little bit of the Matrix (without slow motion arial fight scenes and monster robots)?

    We should have lunch and discuss it further. You always have far more insight into Lost. I get caught up in the characters and their stories and miss all of the interesting details (all the more reason to watch the whole thing all over again).

    (by the way - I thought I posted this comment yesterday - but I just found it sitting on my screen - guess I got the word verification wrong...)

  4. no! no you 2! you can not have lunch and discuss the finale further! NO!!! least NOT w/o ME!!!

    but really. it hit even harder tonight when my brain thought....tuesday....lost....uh....oh.....tears!

  5. Katie - Come over too!!!!!! If you ever visit our neck of the woods, we'd love to have lunch. :)

  6. Something interesting. ABC just released this statement:

    ”The images shown during the end credits of the Lost finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story but were a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news.”