Thursday, February 24, 2011

Social Media Overload

I have to admit that I'm really enjoying being on twitter.  It's definitely goofy and strange but also so interesting in the way that it levels the communication playing field between all kinds of people.  I'm 'following' some really funny celebrities like Ellen (my favorite by far) and Conan and a few writers that I admire like Ayelet Waldman.  Twitter allows us to communicate with people that most of us would never have an opportunity to communicate with on any level.

In addition, it has helped connect me with other moms and women bloggers/writers that are interested in some of the same things I am.  And the icing on the cake is that a few of my close friends are now on twitter so I can stay in touch with them through a different medium, which is fun.  

Besides twitter, I spend most of my free non-mommy&wife-focused time on writing my friendship pieces for (the last two about elevating the respect for friendships and what not to do when a friendship ends).  It's been so rewarding doing them.  I get paid in comments, "likes," and feedback and support from readers (mostly my friends, God love 'em!).  That's pretty much my payment and it's awesome.  But if by some miracle in the future I can actually make any real money from doing this I think I might burst into a thousand dream-come-true pieces.  

Getting in to twitter and the blogosphere has also shown me the incredible world of women/mom entrepreneurs.  It's incredible how much these amazing women are doing out there, blogging, writing, twitting, creating, connecting to try and learn, engage and create something substantial for themselves.

I'm in a little bit of a social media love fest!  It might not last long but I'm riding the wave for now.  :)

What do you love about social media?


  1. So how does it work? Do you go on it and have direct messages and respond to those or do you just respond to everyone you follow - Ellen, etc. Have you written to Ellen?! Has she responded? Since you love it, Kate loves it, and everyone else loves it maybe I need to look into it. I think I sent you a twitter - I tweeted you?! That sounds dirty! haha! -- the other night. Did you get it? Did you respond? I need to figure out how to use it...

  2. I just saw that you're following me but didn't see any message? :) It sounds silly doesn't it. I've responded to Ellen and a few other comedians when there's something funny I want to say but they didn't respond (I didn't expect a response). The writer I'm following did send me a message which was nice. It's kind of fun sometimes.

  3. i love it too for that reason...all of the meeting new friends all over who really "get" me!

    twitter? i need to try it but then i may be absolutely consumed???

    your writings are awesome :)

  4. I feel like I can't come up with a specific answer to that last question, but then when I turn around and look at what I've been doing online for the past few years, what I mainly see is a large extended circle of friends. I often find myself telling IRL friends about "this online friend of mine who..." What an amazing experience. It's a whole other world of support and acceptance. Pretty powerful stuff.