Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day Y'All

Happy Valentine's day my dear blog family.  Love you lots!

I'm officially on twitter at contactrebecca and am starting to really play around with it.  I got some great tutelage from my dear friends Kate and Gwen yesterday.  Thanks ladies.  I'm still a little confused with all the #s and other non-letter/number codes that people use but for now it seems like something I'm going to use and enjoy.  I'm taking it a day at a time.

There a thousand more things I want to do and learn regarding the whole social media thing but first things first....Google Reader.  Can you believe I haven't had one?  I'm adding my favorite blogs on as soon as I get a good chunk of time and I'd love your suggestions on your FAVORITE God-I-Love-Her-Blog blogs.  I'm branching out girls.  :)

And regarding the writing...I did a short cutesie piece recently on feeling like a kid again on Valentine's Day...check it out here!

Hugs, hugs and even more hugs to you!


  1. I STILL don't use a google reader! I use my blogger dashboard. All my favorite blogs are in my sidebar!