Friday, December 16, 2011

The Wonder of a Tree

Our Christmas tree makes me happy.  I don't know what it is about it exactly that I like so much, the look of it or the idea of it, but it just makes things a little merrier in the house.

Maybe it's the simple idea of bring a little of the magic of the outdoors inside.  There is a TREE inside my house.  That in of itself is weird and wonderful.

On top of that, there are all these pretty colors and sparkly lights spread throughout its branches.

And finally, once you've taken in all the wonder of the tree itself your eyes slowly travel down to where mysterious boxes wrapped and tied in pretty bows are just waiting to be opened.

How fun is that?


  1. I love having a tree up. This year I put it up before Thanksgiving, even. (It's not real, so at least there's no fire danger!) But I do love the lights, the ornaments, and especially those packages!!

    We had Christmas with my family at Thanksgiving, and will have it tomorrow with Seth before he goes off for Christmas with his dad, and then probably a bit more on the actual day... I'm loving the extended aspect this year, for sure!

    Hope you are having a lovely holiday season with your family, Rebecca.

  2. Well - you know how I feel about my tree... So of course I totally agree about the magic of Christmas trees!

    Much love to you and your boys this Christmas!

  3. Hi. :) I wasn't sure if you were still blogging. Hope all is well in your world. xo