Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cowards Protecting Monsters

I cried myself to sleep last night.  Not because of anything that has happened to me or my family but because of something horrible that has happened to young kids by a monster and covered up by other monsters.

I can't stop thinking about the Penn State tragedy.  That's how I see it, a tragedy.  Kids being raped and molested, people knowing about it and pushing it under the rug because of they wanted to keep their money, their power, their reputation and their status quo.  It's just disgusting.

It's really scared me about people in general.  How people that you would expect to act like decent human beings, end up acting like cowards.

How am I going to trust anyone with my two children?  How can I protect them in a world where power and money corrupts people so much that they are willing to turn a blind eye when they see such disgusting behavior?

I can't stop thinking about those poor boys.  I can't.  I just want to cry all the time thinking about the years that this happened and the number of boys that could have been saved if someone had sacrificed their job or status at this school or in this town and fought for this monster to be exposed and punished.

He preyed on vulnerable little boys.  And was protected by a system that values money, power and fame over decency.

How are we going to protect our children?  Who can we trust?


  1. It is how you describe it... Disgusting!
    I went to pick up my daughter at school yesterday and like you can't take this news from my head and feel that insecure about who could I trust.
    Poor kids and families, bcz this is the ones we know, what about all the ones that are being abuse right now and they wont tell. It's so so very sad.

  2. Oh I know... And this has been happening to children...forever. I hate the idea that we can't make it never happen again.