Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being open to the world

There are times when while going about my daily life I encounter someone really nasty.  I'm not sure if they're nasty because they have issues going on at home or work that has nothing to do with me or because they just don't like me for some reason (and of course I always think it's the second one).

Whatever the reason, it makes me rethink my being open and friendly to everyone (or at least most people) policy.  Maybe I should be more guarded, like I used to be when I was younger?  Maybe I should draw back and only surround myself with the few people I really trust and know well?

The nastiness of a practical stranger can completely throw me for a loop and make me want to recoil into the safety of my own small circle.  But then something wonderful happens with a friend or acquaintance and I realize what a huge mistake that would be.

I look around at my life and realize that some of the best things in it are because of the great advice, support, kindness and help that I have been given by others.  

Being open to the world is scary.  The chance of being hurt at some point is almost certain but so is the chance of being loved, supported, helped and encouraged.  And I'll take that any day of the week, even if it comes with a little nasty here and there.


  1. Amen. Your last paragraph said it all.

    My son and I had a situation where someone was really rude to both of us (but particularly him) while we were on a road trip last weekend. It was bizarre and unusual, but a good lesson to us both that you can't control how other people operate.

  2. So much easier when people are rude to just you. You can walk away and think nothing of it. But when the kids are involved, you have to try to explain it all. Then again - going through the motions of that might be a good self reminder.

  3. There is so much more nice out there than mean, thank goodness! I try to focus on that too.

  4. kill 'em with kindness, i always say! :)