Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Back!

It's time to start blogging again! I've so missed sharing. :)

Do you find yourself in a holding positions sometimes? In a transition period between one time in your life and the next? That's where I am. I stopped working completely and then summer hit. The kids, the hot weather, the camps, the trips and the visits. All good but not exactly conducive to organizing a schedule or routine for your "new" life. So I've taken this time to just think. Every day I spend with my kids, have fun with friends, and just think of what will be of my future.

I find that if I'm not engaged in something interesting or challenging, I let my mind wonder to silly things. Childish things. Emotionally immature things. Like the dad in the playground that ignored me when I said hi to him or the friend that said something harmless that my sensitive nature took to heart. Like jealousy, like envy, like insecurity. All the things that I work so hard not to feel because they are petty feelings. Human but petty nonetheless.

So I thought I'd come back here and start daily reflections again. Even if small. So that I could get outside of myself. Connect with you. And share the lovelies in life along with the challenges. Get back to finding beauty in each lovely summer moment.

Before we know it summer will be gone and the rush of the new school year will be upon us and we'll have a whole new routine to follow.

I'm both loving this time and so excited about the new challenges and joys that September holds.

I missed you. Thanks for coming back to catch up with me. :)


  1. Shew! Wondered where you'd been! Glad you're back. We've been busy too...summers are like that.

  2. Welcome back. A well-deserved break! Now get crackin' on that sharing... what have you been up to?! xo

  3. I haven't checked my reader in days (this trying to twitter thing is very time consuming...) But I'm glad to see you are back. I SO hope I wasn't the friend who said the thoughtless thing. If so - I swear I didn't mean it. Whatever it was... See you Sunday!!!

  4. It's hard to keep a schedule sometimes, isn't it? Know what you mean about having time to let your mind wander...