Thursday, July 22, 2010

Organizing Queens

This question is to the women who's houses are clean and neat even when guests are not imminent. I know you exist because I've met a few of you and your organizational skills blow me away. I just want to know how you do it? Seriously, I don't understand how you can keep bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, play rooms AND kitchens clean and neat all the time.

I'm preparing for my parents coming and after walking through the house I realized that it would take me working on it all day long every single day to keep the house clean and neat all the time. Is it just me?

I was a pretty organized professional but I can't seem to get a handle on the organized mom thing. There is just so much STUFF! I made a dent today in a few rooms but am exhausted and know that I could never live this way...constantly picking up, organizing and cleaning. I would go crazy!

How organized are you? What methods/tricks do you use to keep things in order?


  1. I CAN be organized...and I HAVE been at times...but it's been a LONG time... I think kids kind of make it impossible. Or maybe it's just mine. Every day I kind of wish I had someone to clean for me on a regular basis...then I think about someone taking a close look at the dirt in my house and I think I'd rather live in the filth.

  2. I have my moments, as well, with the organizing. I find, for me, I have to give myself deadlines and hold myself to the expectation of completing a task at home, much like I did at work, or the whole thing falls apart. You should see my craft area in the basement right now. Horrors! But if someone told me they were coming for a visit next weekend, I'd have it organized/tidy lickety-split.

    For me it's having a place for everything. I sweep through rooms with those big plastic bins, and everything that doesn't have a "place" gets put in the bin. Then I figure out if I even want it to have a place, and proceed from there--piles for Goodwill, recycling, trash, filing, etc. That helps me.

    Happy organizing!

  3. i missed you and am sooo glad that you are back. and no. i am not organized and am always looking for new ways to become so. i'm a piler...and they piles. rrrright.....

  4. Katie t - You are so sweet. You make me want to keep blogging. :)

    Sherilee- I'm getting better at it...great advice.

    Kate - I think three kids makes it impossible to be as organized as you were before...but I'm sure you're still better than me. :)