Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bedtime Dance

Do you do the night time dance?

The nightly dance with your children. The tug of war of bedtime.

In some ways, it was easier when they were babies, when they couldn't talk back to you or debate the merits of staying up past their bedtime.

Now they can talk and think, and the combination of the two produces some interesting exchanges. The creative excuses to stay up a little longer both make me laugh and drive me crazy. The eternal thirst of these little ones, "I need some waaaater mommy!" How much water could their little tummies possibly hold?

You finally finish the umpteenth book or song and you're just about to cross the bedroom threshold to glorious freedom when you hear your child's sweet (whining) voice, "mommmmmeeeee, one more book (or song, or I need water, or I need the lights on, or I need to tell you something, or I want daddy...)."

Suddenly they want to discuss the world's mysteries with you and you're torn between listening to your child's creative delay tactics and saying goodnight and closing the door behind you.

I listen when I'm feeling patient and easy and close the door when I am in the rules-are-rules frame of mind.

How about you?


  1. That's my reading time. My room is between my children's rooms, so my reading lamp serves as a night light. They know I'm there, they can hear me turning pages or drinking my tea, but they not to interrupt, because Mommy treasures her reading time.

    When they were younger, I would read in their room with a clip-on light, so they could take comfort in my presence.

    I never had a bedtime routine as a kid- I do it now as much for myself as anyone else.

  2. This past month has been crazy for my little one, but yes as you said sometimes I'm flexible but try to follow the same rutine most of the times. But yes it is so funny to hear all the excuses, I love that.

  3. I just realized we are kind of past the bedtime dance.... we have a routine, but they pretty much just go to bed now. wow. when did that happen?