Sunday, January 2, 2011

Class Notes

I was just reading the class notes from my high school bulletin.  I started from the first class in 1956.  It was so much fun to see what these wonderful women are up to.  And then I thought, what would I want my class notes to read when I'm in my 70's?  Maybe that's one way I could figure out my direction, my passion, my goals for the next thirty years.  So here it goes.  Off the cuff and totally spontaneous with no real planning or thought.

Hi everyone.  I'm happy to report my boys are doing great.  My oldest is enjoying his career and is married to a lovely woman.  They're expecting their first child which is a thrill for my husband and me.  My youngest loves doing X and he and his wife are enjoying their new house (which is only a few hours drive from us).  We just spend the holidays together and it was so fun being surrounded by my boys and their families.  As for me, my garden is flourishing with tons of herbs and vegetables which I love cooking with and my painting studio is filled to brim like always with new projects.  I was lucky enough to have a small show at the local gallery a while back.  Lots of friends and family came which made for a warm and fun evening.  I'm still writing from time to time but no new books for now.  I was happy to see that my two books about my adventures were well received and more importantly that my husband, boys and other dear family loved them and were proud of what I put out in the world.  Health wise, I knock on wood every day and am thankful that I'm pretty healthy as are the rest of my family.  I try to walk at least three times a week.  Lastly, my husband and I spent some time in Italy this year to celebrate my 70th birthday.  It was just delightful.



  1. Beautiful! That made me smile.

  2. What a fantastic idea. Hopefully makes us all realize... what are we waiting for? Happy New Year!

  3. what a great exercise. i should try this.