Thursday, November 4, 2010

Warrior Moms

Have you seen this post? It's been circulating around the internet. It's a great testament to how mothers need to be warriors for their children...strong, protective and loving.

I just hope that I can be like her no matter how my children identify themselves and they challenges they may face in the future.

Moms rule! :)


  1. I have seen this posted a number of places and really appreciate this mother's perspective.

    When Seth dressed as a Powerpuff girl (Blossom!) for Halloween when he was 4, no one really blinked an eye (other than his dad and I, who had a few private giggles... he was SO cute). Thankfully. I did get really tired of adults telling him, around that time, that pink wasn't an acceptable color choice for him... it was always the adults, never the kids. 10 years later, he's amazingly balanced for a child who was allowed to even paint his toenails (well, OK, I did it for him, but he picked the color...) orange!

  2. I loved that. Thanks for passing on the link - I hadn't seen it before.

    By the way - I read that post on finding a close group of friends in my google reader, but saw it wasn't on your site when I tried to click over to comment. Are you still working on it? I thought it was lovely...

  3. Sherilee - I love that! Thanks for sharing. We're lucky to be in great communities. I don't think everyone has that.

    Kate - I did delete it, I thought maybe it was too heavy for here. I worked on it some more and then submit it to Chicken Soup for their preteen addition. We'll see what they say.